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18th century, 19th century, academia, alexander hamilton, all forms of chocolate, american history, anchorites, anime, ashes to ashes, asoiaf, bananas, baroque era, being blindfolded, british music, british television, carlos d's mustache, cats, cheeseballs, christianity, chronodysphoria, classic literature, classical civilization, clay jenkinson, cloaks, constant earworms, corsets, cynicism, dancing, david tennant, daydreaming, doctor who, drawing, edwardian era, emma: a victorian romance, england, english country dance, episcopal church, fantasizing, fantasy, fine cloths, founding fathers, france, frances burney, frances sheridan, french, fruitcake, going for long walks, harry potter, hermits, historical fiction, house, human sexuality, interpol, intriguing conversations, ireland, jamie lannister, jane austen, knee breeches, lacuna coil, law and order: svu, libraries, library of congress, library science, life on mars, life-changing thoughts, lipsynching to music, live, lord byron, lucius cornelius sulla, ludwig van beethoven, mad men, madonna, marat/sade, marquis de sade, misanthropy, movies, mozart l'opera rock, naughty thoughts, new zealand, nine inch nails, npr, obscure 18th century novels, old bbc miniseries, panniers, period films, philosophy, pride and prejudice, rammstein, randolph-macon woman's college, reading, regency era, reincarnation, religion, ridiculous crushes, robin hood (bbc), science-fiction, seth lakeman, sleeping, steampunk, stephen fry, stockings, stoicism, the long eighteenth century, the metro, the red line, the shelley circle, the thomas jefferson hour, tool, trains, travelling, twinings tea, u2, united kingdom, university of maryland, various forms of escapism, victorian era, washington dc, wolfgang amadeus mozart, writing, writing long letters, york
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